We Want to Hear You: Call for Entries

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Your Voice is Essential.
Now more than ever.

Poetry on the Streets is collecting words/experiences/thoughts/feelings from YOU during this pandemic. 

Sharing our voices during this time can help us understand one another's experiences.

It can help be an outlet for what is difficult to fully take in. It can be healing both personally and collectively.

It can help us feel connected. 

It can help us document this time in history.

It can also help unite us. 

Here's what to do: 

1. SHARE your voice:

A few sentences. A feeling; a thought; an example of something that has changed for you. A poem. A drawing.

Anything you'd like to express about your experience during this time. 

(keep responses brief to about size of a postcard. Longer ones will be excerpted.)

2. SEND your responses online:

Use the Contact Form below to submit online.

 Email your responses  to:

you can attach a photo/image via email if desired.


 you can print a blank postcard here and send to POTS.

Examples of prompts to write about:

Share your experience 
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please email responses to 

Your responses will be posted publicly. 

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Spread the word to help gather as many voices as possible, from across the country and around the world. 

We want to hear you. 

To Read "Essential Voices" submissions, click HERE

Also...announcing FREE creative writing workshops for essential workers.Click HERE for more info and to register. 

Poetry on the Streets' "Essential Voices from the Pandemic" and the free creative writing workshops are offered with support of The Department of Economic and Community Development/Connecticut Office of the Arts

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