Poetry Murals

Poetry Murals: Summer poetry camp for teens writing poetry based on MLK Principles of Nonviolence. We chose favorite excerpts and handed them off to mural artist  Hartford.Art with CT Murals for a collaborative mural painted at Hartford's Parkville Market. 

"Kindness changes everything. Without love there cannot be peace" age 12

"Justice is light green leaves rebirthing in spring" age 13

"You could be the face that changes everything. You could be the map someone needs" age 13

"Sueno un mundo, forever holding peace. I dream a world, where our voices matter, even in our sleep" age 14

"The Beloved Community is the Framework for the Future"- MLK Principles of Nonviolence

"Community is being able to grow in a garden of roses as a daisy because the soil nurtures every flower" age 13

Youth poetry included on a mural in Hartford by artist Cory Pane and Andre Rochester with CT Murals/RiseUp, sponsored by The Roberts Foundation.  

“Kindness is a pearl in each person’s hand” age 8 

“Joy means its bright when you love” age 8

Poetry Banner hanging on permanent display in public library with words written by the community about MLK Principles of Nonviolence

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