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In 2018, Poetry on the Streets was awarded a grant from The Pollination Project! 

This grant money will be used to fund a gallery show in 2019 of the painted poems and photographs of the people. (Keep checking for updates on the show!)

Thank you to The Pollination Project for supporting inspiring projects all around the world in effort to support positive social change and compassion. POTS is honored to keep such good company. 

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Thanks for naming Poetry the Streets as one of "14 community organizers who create equity in the face of inequity". I am proud to be listed among such people!!!

Where is POTS?

Poetry on the Streets sets up in various locations and dates around Hartford between the hours of 11:30-1:30. Upcoming dates/locations are posted on the facebook page, but in effort to keep with the authentic, unplanned, spontaneous nature, sometimes it just pops up.

POTS usual locations include: Pratt Street; Bushnell Park by food trucks; State House Square area; Outside the Hartford Public Library; On various street corners and bus stops; And during the cold winter months, you may find POTS inside Union Station, or a food court, or on a college campus, or bus stop. 

If you see the little blue typewriter, come by and WRITE A POEM! Everyone is welcome. Everyone has a poem in them. Express. Create. Connect. It is human. And it feels great. Hope to see you! xo, M + POTS


Melanie Pappadis Faranello is a writer and teaching artist living in CT. She is from Chicago.

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